Monday, June 16, 2014

Trying to be essentially chemical free

First of all, I'm not a doctor, a trained physician of any kind or even well read on the use of homeopathic remedies.  I do, however, know what works for ME and MY FAMILY and think it warrants sharing because OMG! It works!  I should also note that I am not a representative or customer of any direct sales company who sells essential oils (nor will I be any time soon!)

Second, I realize this has nothing to do with stamping unless you think of it from the perspective that I wouldn't be able to spend a material amount of time enjoying my paper if I feel like garbage.   So in a way, it's kind of stamp related, right?

We are trying, difficult and slow as it may be, to get rid of unnecessary chemicals in my house. We're making our own cleaners. Eating MUCH better, nothing from a box or a bottle if we can't pronounce all of the words. I'm trying to venture down the road of essential oils for natural health. I haven't taken an allergy pill all season...and it's been a bad one.  And you know what? It's working! I've felt better. I sleep better. I'm losing weight (but that's a totally different discussion for a totally different day.)

The best thing I've done for myself lately is to learn about essential oils and aromatherapy.  I'm certainly no expert but I am convinced it works and works well.  Lavender Essential Oil is something I have near me always.  It helps me sleep. It helps a headache. It helps clear up blemishes. It helps heal cuts. It smells great in just about everything. It's become my go to when I just don't know what I need.

Today is especially icky outside as it relates to grass pollen, which makes me miserable. My sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat almost had me heading for the medicine cabinet this morning but I held off and whipped up an EO concoction. Would you know, within 5 minutes all of my symptoms were gone. What?? Scouts honor, I feel like a human and it doesn't involve a lick of Zyrtec. My concoction consisted of 2 ounces almond oil as my base with essential oils of: lavender (8 drops), lemon (8 drops), peppermint (4 drops), and eucalyptus (2 drops).  I've rubbed it on my throat and neck, a little behind my ears, took some deep breaths from my cupped hands. I can breathe. My sneezing has stopped.  My throat isn't scratching. My eyes aren't watering. That's all I've got. It works.

Maybe I'll start putting together a book that has all of my cool natural recipes in it. That would be stamping related...PROJECT LIFE!!  I'm on it, kids.  Want to learn more about what I'm doing to move us to a chemical free household? Just ask :)

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