Monday, February 16, 2015

Why I havent been stamping

Well. This is my why. I am FINALLY, after 10 long years, redoing my ugly kitchen. The days of staring at my lovely almond and green faux tile paneling has come to an end bringing visions of  "farmhouse chic" in its place.  We're traveling down a long, and often dark, path with this renovation.  $$ won the battle so this is a true DIY adventure. I'm kinda handy with some tools so I figure, why not? We're not doing anything major like moving gas lines or rewiring circuits. It's just a really time consuming face lift :)

In actuality, it hasn't really taken me all that long to get where we are today.  Ok, it's taken about 6 weeks BUT I'm really only working on it during the weekends because my day job schedule has been kind of crazy. We've had some random setbacks (like who installs cabinets on the subfloor? Really??) And then there's my fear of large power tools so I've done all my cutting and trimming to date with hand tools. Thank heaven for my Dremel or I'd still be trimming out the bead board.  That said, the novelty of washing dishes in the bathroom and eating out most nights is quickly starting to lose its charm.  So I'm kicking it into high gear. This girl wants her kitchen back...well, the new kitchen. Not the old, ugly one!

My stamp room, while currently free of stampers, has gotten quite the workout.  My class tables have made a great work surface to paint my ceiling tiles.  I really want a faux tin look ceiling without the faux tin ceiling price.  I found some pretty nifty 12x12 fiberboard tiles that have the pattern I was searching for and I'm using a combination of gray and silver paints to create just the right amount of patina.  People talk about having an accent wall.  I'm going to have an accent ceiling!
I've been taking before, during and after shots so I can create the "kitchen book" when I'm done. I can't imagine not scrapbooking this adventure once it's over. If you've been looking for crafty things from me but haven't seen them lately, this is why. It's crafty, just in a different way.  Now I'm off to go finish paining some ceiling tiles so we can get one step closer to getting my cabinets in!!