Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014-15 In Colors have stolen my heart

It's certainly no secret. I haven't stamped much in a loooooong time. 2014 sucked the stamping life right out of me. When you see a couple thousand dollars worth of stamps & inks and papers floating through your basement it becomes a daunting thought to rebuild it all especially with a broken arm and busted pipes and all the other drama that was 2014 ...but we have. The last year has definitely been a journey for me in trying to figure out what makes me happy and where I wanted to spend my energy.  I rid myself of those who were causing me negativity and filled my life with positive people. I painted my basement with Wisteria Wonder (because it makes me happy) and I got there it down there and started stampin' again!

Especially lately I have to get a lot of credit to Stampin Up in helping me renew my love of all things paper. When I went with my friend patty to the 2014-2015 catalog premiere party, I completely fell in love with the new catalog, the new products, and the new in colors. This is by far the greatest new catalog I have seen in all the years I've been a Stampin Up demonstrator. I got home with my new catalog and started drawing pictures and thinking of all the great things I can make with the new colors and stamps in the catalog. I have spent more time in my stamp room in the last week and I have spent in my room in the last year. I love it!

At the new catalog premier we received a free stamp set. Work Of Art is coming to a catalog near you on June 1st. I really had a good time playing with a stamp set and creating all sorts of neat new designs. This stamp set is all about fun whispy watercolor images.  I grabbed some inspiration from Pinterest to create this card. I use all of the new in colors on watercolor paper. I absolutely love the look of this card.
Expect to see some more creations from me over time. I might not be the best blogger but I'm definitely back in my stamp room. I'm very excited to be back on this journey of creativity. I hope you'll join me in renewing your creativity and stamp with me sometime soon. I miss my stampin' friends. Thanks for taking me back!

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