Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Should I print true digital?

When it comes to brand loyalty, I have always found that I'm definitely one you'd call "loyal" in certain areas.  We all know I'm a Stampin' Up! junquie and totally loyal to the brand.  I'm also loyal to specific brands of mac & cheese, American cheese, snotty nose tissues, bum around sneakers, and jeans.  I am finding that I've also become pretty brand loyal to one particular photo processor who sells pharmaceuticals and is on most local corners in my area whose name starts with a W :)

When printing photos, I've been exercising the option to get a "true digital print" size of 4x5.3.  When you get a 4x6 print, you're actually getting a photo that has been cropped slightly on the 6" side because of the shape of the picture your camera takes naturally.  These true digital prints are not cropped and come out almost ready to pop only a mat that's been made out of a 1/4 sheet of cardstock.  Talk about cool scrappin time savings!  I just have to trim off a touch from the short side.

As I've started to talk about with Scramp Klub, this girl scraps a whole lot better when she can just slap some photos into pre-designed layouts (great gift idea!!)  And...I love making pre-designed layouts with easy to trim mats...i.e. 1/4 sheets of cardstock.  No waste.  No muss.  No fuss.  Scrapbooking made easy.  I bet a whole lot more of you card enthusiasts who claim you "can't" scrapbook would do a lot more of it if you learned how to do a little BAM BAM BAM scrapbooking :)

So, if you haven't tried true digital prints, I would encourage you to give it a shot.  I do know some people who are true 4x6 loyalists and I can totally respect that.  But...I say, don't knock it til you try it.  You might find that you're getting pictures on pages faster like me!

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