Monday, December 12, 2011

Does Kelli Stamp?

Yes, Kelli stamps.  She also tries to live a gluten free life, raise kids (teen boys to be exact), survive a crazy fulltime job, keep the dogs out of the peanut butter, and be a generally good person...but not always in that order.  She's on a new journey to find herself and figure out where she fits in the world, trying to make it all make sense without spinning wildly out of control.  Rereading that, I find referring to myself in the third person totally creepy.  So I won't be doing that anymore.  Sorry bout that. 

You might be redirected here from my original blog - or perhaps you've wandered here on your own.  Either way, welcome!I decided to totally ditch my 4U blog for a few reasons.  First, I decided that as a "stamping blogger", I'm not very good.  Lots of pressure (self induced, of course) to post all sorts of new and exciting project ideas all the time.  Don't get me wrong, I'm always trying to come up with new, fun, and sometimes innovative stamping projects and I love to share them.  But let's get honest, there's more to stamping than blogging.  Want to see all of my new projects?  Come on over and stamp with me and I'll happily pull them all out. When I have time, I'll post.  I promise that.  I just can't say how often that's going to be. 

Second, I really started thinking about the "4U" part of the name and realized it's kind of deceiving.  At the end of the day, I really stamp for me.  I know, selfish right?  When it comes down to it, however, stamping is my therapy (of which I need more than I get!)  I love to share.  I love to create. I love to stamp with other people who love to stamp, too.  I love to teach.  I love to hide in my stamp room, the only place in the house where my children only go if they're treatened with death (even then, I think they weigh their options.)  I just plain old love to stamp.  So, I really think "Kelli Stamps" is just a little more honest representation of what it is I do. 

Then finally, there's more to me than just stamping.  I want a place where I reserve the right to rant about how hard it is to find a decent gluten free cracker, the ridiculous cost of car insurance for a teenage boy, the fun I'm having watching my sister raise her first child, and anything else that pops into my krazy little brain.  What's kind of funny and ironic to me about that "need" is that these are all the things that inspire me to stamp.  So, don't worry, it won't be Krazy Kelli all the time...just on occasion.  And maybe, just maybe, as I head down this next adventure in self discovery, I might share something a little more inspirational than a color combination you haven't tried yet. {Note to self...change blog design.  It doesn't work anymore}

So, since you made it this far down in my raving, here's my share for today.  This is one of my favorite Christmas cards that I made this yea, inspired by a project from Stampin' Up!  You can see the original here.  I'm a big fan of the "alternative colored Christmas card".  My eye tends to shy away from traditional red and green and more towards blues and pinks and yellows for Christmas.  I wish I had made more of these to send but since I couldn't make up my mind on which I liked best, I made a whole slew of different cards to send this year.  Now, let's see if they get in the mail before Christmas!

Stamp Sets: Four Frames, Delightful Decorations, Teeny Tiny Wishes
Card Stock and Ink: Bashful Blue, So Saffron, Real Red, Whisper White (ink only)

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Ms said...

Well congrat's on the new blog... and the new direction of life.... looking forward to walking with you.... Merry Christmas to you & yours....